YUO are invited...

To a Luxury Oasis created in the middle of the urban jungle.  

Set in a breathtakingly beautiful mansion in Vaucluse, Sydney with majestic spaces and a special touch of opulence.  

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YUO is a local retreat experience.  

Recharge in a tranquil environment, where you can leave your hectic schedule behind whilst being pampered and nourished with delicious food, body relaxation, soothing music and so much more.  

  • Incredible food and drinks
  • Mindfulness education
  • Surround yourself with like minded women  


  • Quiet your busy mind
  • Escape the hectic pace of city life 
  • Dissolve your stress
  • Inspiring film 
  • Fun and laughter
  • Reconnect with yourself

Rediscover your joy and beauty within...find YUO

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